Reflexiones profanas en torno al arte como fenómeno comunicativo

Although thought from the field of studies on communication, profane reflections on art as a communicative phenomenon poses a double challenge: thinking about communication through art and thinking about art from communication. It is a book that deals with the relationship between art and communication, through an analysis of art as a communicative phenomenon, which implies thinking about it as part of the individual and social expression of the human being. For this, it starts with understanding the conditions of the emergence of art as a product of the expression of the human species as a builder of culture and then highlighting the social structure that underlies it, where the language of art is immersed, which is what gives to art its specificity as a cultural product and also its social status. In this sense, the book reveals aspects that are related to the social function of art as a mechanism for the organization and regulation of the sensible, pointing from there to a reflection on the distinction between art and aesthetics.


Author: Vivian Romeu

ISBN: 978-6079800802

DOI: 10.47377/ZQVF3223

Language: Spanish

Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches, 312 pages

First Edition: 2018

Paperback: Amazon