Papeles de viento. Ensayos sobre literaturas heterogéneas

This anthology gathers the main essays by Antonio Cornejo Polar; the reader will find here the approaches that the Peruvian teacher and critic made to reread and rewrite Latin American literary history, as well as to rethink the theoretical-critical and methodological tools in order to build their own criticism, detached from a new understanding of our literatures , from its specificities. In this way, the author formulates various guidelines that contributed to the intellectual project that he himself proposed – and to which other Latin American scholars and intellectuals joined -, it is from these that he came to formulate categories such as that of contradictory totality, socio-heterogeneity- cultural, in addition to proposing a rethinking of the modern subject with its idea of a migrant and heterogeneous subject.


Author: Antonio Cornejo Polar
ISBN: 978-607-98512-3-1
Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches, 278 pages
First edition: september 2019.
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About the author
Antonio Cornejo Polar (1936-1997) is recognized as one of the most prominent critics and theorists of literature in Latin America. He was a professor and became rector of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He was a teacher and researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, the Central University of Venezuela and the University of Berkeley. Together with other literary intellectuals, he founded the Latin American Literary Criticism Magazine in 1975, which he directed until his death. He is the author of several books such as Los univeros narrativas de José María Arguedas (1974), On Latin American literature and criticism (1982), The formation of the literary tradition in Peru (1989) and Writing in the air: essay on sociocultural heterogeneity in Andean literatures (1994), among others.