Modelo de indicadores de calidad para cursos en-línea, masivos y abiertos (MOOC). Caso de un MOOC para el desarrollo profesional docente

The Massive and Open Online Courses (MOOC) have triggered a debate in the framework of global education, questioning its pedagogical quality and the educational models that support it. Within this context, the objective of this educational research focuses on the identification of indicators to evaluate the quality of MOOCs that are offered as a strategy to strengthen teacher training. The main motivation is based on the structural changes related to management for the improvement of educational quality that have been implemented in basic education schools, as well as the opportunities they offer for teacher professional development. The quantitative approach was applied through a case study; The main instruments for data collection are an inventory of quality indicators used in previous research. In the analysis, the results generated by the instruments are described, compared and correlated with the different variables. The contribution of this educational research is twofold: on the one hand, a set of quality indicators is proposed and validated and, on the other, the suitability of using MOOCs in training strategies for teacher professional development is analyzed.



Author: Lorena Alemán de la Garza


ISBN: 978-607-98512-8-6

Language: Spanish