La palabra es nuestra: prácticas de lectoescritura

The written word is a valuable tool that we have at our disposal. However, we do not always express ourselves with the clarity and correctness necessary to communicate what we want. This work is aimed at improving our writing and spelling with practical exercises and simple explanations.


Author: Katia Ibarra

Edition: 2017

ISBN: 978-607-00-7203-1

Dimensions: 20.5×26.5 cms, 192 pages

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1. Communication process; 2. Reading and writing process; 3. Textual sequences (narration, description, dialogue, exposition and argumentation); 4. Lexis and semantics (stress rules, vowel encounters, uses of “b” and “v”; “s”, “c” and “z”; homophones with “b” and “v”, “s”, ” c “and” z “).


1. Personal texts; 2. Classification of personal texts: historical, family and school; 3. Lexis and semantics (accentuation of monosyllables, diacritical accent, special cases of accentuation; punctuation; uses of “g” and “j”).


1. Expository texts; 2. Classification of expository texts: historical, journalistic and scholastic; 3. Lexis and semantics (synonyms, antonyms, homographs, homonyms, paronyms and polysemy; accentuation practices; uses of “y”, “ll” and “r”, “rr”).