Identidad profesional del educador médico

Professional identity is a concept that has been debated for decades; however, the process in which it is built continues to be vaguely understood. This identity evolves due to factors such as time and professional experiences. In addition to this, in the case of the medical educator, the context and the community become a determining factor for their state of maturity. The book Professional Identity of the Medical Educator: The Legacy of a community, by Mildred López and Yolanda Heredia Escorza, presents the results of a study focused on analyzing this identity in a group of clinical teachers in Mexico. Throughout the sections, the dimensions that make up the professional identity of the medical educator are described, and a model is presented that explains the maturation process. Subsequently, the results of the study are presented, as well as the main findings and reflections.



Author: Mildred López y Yolanda Heredia Escorza

ISBN: 978-607-98815-5-9

Format: 15 x 22.5 cms, 128 págs.

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