A vuelo de página. Una hojeada al mundo de los libros en México

Porfirio Romo Lizárraga presents in this essay his own interpretation of the ways in which the book industry in Mexico has developed. It offers a quick look at how this intellectual product was introduced in the country, and how it has been transforming over the decades, attending to fundamental aspects such as its commercialization, the policies that have affected its consumption, the decline of bookstores and the transit of the book towards new technologies.



Author: Porfirio Romo Lizárraga

ISBN: 978-607-98815-1-1

Language: Spanish

Dimensions: 15 x 22.5, 70 págs.

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Open Access: https://doi.org/10.47377/JHKG3097

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About the author:

Mexican by birth, Porfirio Romo Lizárraga has studies in Hispanic Language and Literature from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Business Administration from UNITEC. He has dedicated a large part of his professional activity to the edition, printing and commercialization of books in Mexico and abroad.
He is the author of several articles, published in the magazines Libros de México, Leaf by Leaf and the supplements El mollete literario and La dignna metafora. Co-author of the book Three shots, a compilation of stories of the black genre.
He is a founding partner and currently directs Lectorum, as well as being President of the Grupo 2000 Editores Association (Librerías del Pasaje Zócalo-Pino Suárez), in Mexico City.
He was distinguished with the “2015 CANIEM Award for Union Merit”, awarded by said Chamber.