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In Editora Nómada we publish academic content in digital and printed formats which are distributed throughout commercial platforms such as Kobo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Casa del Libro, Gandhi, and others, for ebooks, and through bookstores such as Gandhi and Sótano in Mexico or Casa del Libro in Spain, for print-on-demand books. Also, we offer Open Access publishing for humanities and social sciences research outputs.

Sometimes an effective dissemination of research findings may require a translation from English to Spanish or vice versa, which the authors may ask for to Editora Nómada.

Our Editorial Committee comprised of recognized experts within the field of humanities and social sciences is responsible for the assessment of academic papers for publication in order to deliver high-quality academic books.

Authors receive seven print-on-demand copies of his work and, regarding the distribution of ebooks, we offer two options:

  1. Epub version for popular science books.
  2. Open Access for specialized books.

Open Access ebooks distributed by Editora Nómada use the Crossref tool, which enables the academic publications to get greater impact and precise statistics on citations and references of author’s works.

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